CNP Pro Peptide 908g


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What CNP have to say:

CNP Pro Peptide is our flagship protein product, developed over many years by world leading protein experts with a composition specifically engineered to provide all of the amino acids, protein fractions and peptides that your body needs to grow lean, healthy and muscular. Pro Peptide isn’t just another protein supplement, it is the finest protein blend ever made for the most demanding bodybuilders & strength athletes. That it has been adopted by so many other professional sports, as their “secret” weapon is testament to the vision of these sports in recognising what they can learn from our strength athletes. The secret is out!


We use only Low Temperature Processed Micellar Casein, no
caseinate. Micellar casein is the natural form of casein in milk.
Micellar casein forms the best “time release” complex in the
stomach and intestines. Micellar casein costs much more than
caseinates, but we know you are worth the expense. We were
innovators in creating protein blends, don’t be misled by poor
imitations of our product that contain little or none of the
quantities of fractions, such as lactoferrin, as well as important
peptides that Pro Peptide contains. The protein balance in
ProPeptide is tailored to the human body for maximum
performance. We are passionate about making the best sports
nutrition products and our in-house development and blending
gives you the confidence that you are getting exactly what you
are paying for.


Pro Peptide also contain unique probiotic organisms, supporting protein digestion and a healthier gut.

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