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FuelMax Plus caffeine and carbohydrate gels offers you a winning combination of on the go convenience and research proven fuel and focus to support your training session, game or event. Each gel provides 25g of Quadcarb fuel, replenishing nutrients in the form of sodium and stimulating caffeine to support exertion and help you to sustain performance. As an easy to swallow, fluid consistency available in citrus burst flavour to provide a refreshing, fuel fix and that something extra helping you to compete at your best!
The FuelMax Plus gels are the ideal size to carry in your fuel belt or pocket during an event or training. The perfect solution to the practical issues associated with carrying carbohydrate drinks during running or intermittent sports alike.

How FuelMax Plus gel can help you
Increase alertness fast with 100mg caffeine in each FuelMax Plus gel. The perfect mental stimulation to lift your body and mind when your legs feel heavy and you’ve ‘hit the wall’. Wake up, zone in and explode into action!
Each FuelMax Plus gel provides 25g of fast digesting Quadcarb; a unique combination of four carbohydrate sources, namely maltodextrin, sucrose, dextrose and fructose. Perfect for events and training sessions lasting longer than 45 minutes, providing the extra fuel needed to sustain performance and intensity when others are flagging.
Boost and Replenish
As sweat rate increases so does the concentration of sodium within sweat. FuelMax Plus gels contain this essential nutrient to help replace what’s lost during intense, warm to hot exercise sessions and events.


Water, QUADCARB (maltodextrin, sucrose, dextrose, fructose), acidity regulator (E330), thickeners (E460, E415), sodium chloride, caffeine, preservative (E202), flavourings, colour [E150d].

Nutritional information

Per 70g gel

  • Energy                       431kj/101kcal
  • Carbohydrate                 25.2g
  • Of which sugars             7.9g
  • Salt                                 0.2g
  • Caffeine*                      100mg

*Contains caffeine. Not recommended for children or pregnant women. Contains 143g of Caffeine per 100g.Please note that nutritional information is a guide only. Nutritional breakdown for individual products may vary slightly.


Additional information

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