Mountain Joes 1x55g Bar


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Mountain Joe’s High Protein Rocky Road – Classic (55g)

High Protein, Low Sugar Rocky Road?! Can this be real?! We’re not kidding folks, we know there’re rocky road flavoured bars out there…but actual rocky road? Complete with marshmallows, biscuitty crispies and a whole load of chocolate? Well, it’s here now, with the amazing Mountain Joe’s Rocky Road Bars!

It looks like Joe went up the rocky mountain peaks and came down with a MASSIVE idea…on-the-go rocky road! With added protein (15g protein per bar) AND totally justifiable, but still featuring that classic chunky texture and sweet flavour we all love…coated in chocolate flavoured crispies and packed with marshmallows, cherries and raisins, this reduced sugar Classic Rocky Road Bar is well worth checking out!

Whether you’re scaling the mountain peaks like Joe or simply reaching your peak in the gym, Mountain Joe’s Rocky Road Bars have you covered…

  • 15g protein per bar
  • Non GMO
  • Low sugar
  • 3 great flavours (Classic, Caramallow and Peanut Butter!)

Don’t be an ‘average Joe’ folks, climb the mountains…make gainz and eat rocky road! 



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Classic, Caramallow, Peanut Butter, White Chocolate

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